Top 5 finish for Under 18 Boys in England Golf qualifier

Herts Boys finish 5th of 11 at Rookery Park, Suffolk

Read More 05/07/2024

County Girls team take on Cambs Girls at Letchworth

Herts Girls 3.5 - 3.5 Cambs Girls at Letchworth GC

Read More 20/06/2024



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Herts Girls Visit Middx For Friendly

Herts Girls Team visit Highgate Golf Club for friendly match versus Middlesex Girls

Read More 13/05/2024

Schools Mid Handicap Championship at Mill Green

Students across Herts turn out for Mid Handicap Championship. From L-R 3rd place Timo Herr, Champion Alfie Copeland & Runner Up James McCann

Read More 29/04/2024

County Boys regain Cheshunt Salver from Essex

Over the Easter break, a combined Boys U16 & U18 team played the annual Cheshunt Salver match against near neighbours Essex at Dyrham Park GC.

Read More 19/04/2024

Junior Champion Club 2024 - East Herts

East Herts claim Herts Junior Champion Club title at Harpenden Common GC

Read More 09/04/2024

County Girls Xmas 9 Hole

On Sunday 10 December sixteen of our intrepid Girls took to the Knebworth fairways in pouring rain for a 9-hole Stand Aside Scramble.

Read More 14/12/2023

Gales blow Bloxham to victory in Schools Scratch Championship

Read More 21/03/2023



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Eddie Wade - Faldo Series - Dubai

Read More 04/04/2023

East Region Junior Team Trophy Bury St. Edmunds

Read More 18/09/2023

Cheshunt Salver - Essex Boys vs Herts Boys

Read More 14/04/2023

Boys Under 16 Championship & Girls Autumn Meeting 2023

Read More 30/10/2023



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Boys U16’s pull it out of the bag to qualify for finals weekend

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Boys Team finish 4th at County Boys Qualifier

Read More 06/07/2023

Boys Champion 2023 - Harry Cox of Welwyn Garden City

Read More 01/08/2023

A case of might have beens for the U16’s at County Finals

Read More 27/09/2022

Herts Boys Team win Team Prize in Regional Schools Championship

The South East Regional Schools Championship took place yesterday (Tue 30 May), played in Hertfordshire at Aldenham G&CC on the outskirts of Watford. The event is held on a rota

Read More 30/05/2023

Hertfordshire Schools Mid-Handicap Championship​

Hertfordshire Schools Mid-Handicap Championship​ is a chance for the higher handicap players to shine.

Read More 25/04/2023

Eddie Wade wins Bedfordshire Schools Scratch Championship

Huge Congratulations to Eddie Wade of Harpenden Common WINNING (out of county) the Bedfordshire Schools Scratch Championship for 2021/22

Read More 09/03/2023

junior Fixture Diary

Competition Results

The HG Boys Junior Challenge Trophy is presented to the Hertfordshire Under 18 Boy with the lowest gross stroke average from his best 8 rounds from a possible 16, specifically from 2 County, 1 Regional and 3 National Championships.


Click here to view the Junior Challenge Trophy table for 2024

Junior Challenge Trophy 2024

R1 R2 R1 R2 R1 R2 R1 R2 R1 R2 R1 R2 Strokes Avg Total Avg
BEN SESSIONS Bishops Stortford
HARRY DOWSETT Bishops Stortford
EDDIE WADE Harpenden Common
HARRY COX Welwyn Garden City
LOUIE BLOXHAM Welwyn Garden City
AMAN SHAH West Herts


Junior Challenge Trophy 2023

R1 R2 R1 R2 R1 R2 R1 R2 R1 R2 R1 R2 Strokes Avg Total Avg
BEN SESSIONS Bishops Stortford
HARRY DOWSETT Bishops Stortford
EDDIE WADE Harpenden Common
HARRY COX Welwyn Garden City
LOUIE BLOXHAM Welwyn Garden City
AMAN SHAH West Herts

The 2024 ‘Junior Open’ & ‘Championship’ season is underway with both Boys & Girls ‘Order of Merit’ points being awarded to players, based on their best 6 finishes over the season, in both Gross and Nett catagories.

Points won can be seen by clicking the links below:

BOOM Scratch Order of Merit 2024

BOOM Handicap Order of Merit 2024

Junior Team Results

1373 2015 12/07/2015 Essex Boys 3½ - 4½ Herts Boys U18
1378 2015 05/08/2015 Middlesex Boys 2 - 10 Bedfordshire Boys
1379 2015 12/07/2015 BB&O U13/U12 7 - 5 Bedfordshire Boys U13/U12
1380 2015 12/07/2015 Middlesex Boys 2 - 6 Herts Boys U18
1381 2015 12/07/2015 Essex Boys 5 - 3 Middlesex Boys
1382 2014 04/05/2014 Verulam 6 - 9 Herts Boys U18
1383 2014 01/06/2014 Essex Boys 4½ - 7½ Herts Boys U14
1384 2014 01/06/2014 Hampshire Boys 2 - 10 Herts Boys U14
1385 2014 25/05/2014 Essex Boys 5½ - 6½ Hampshire Boys
1386 2014 25/05/2014 Essex Boys 7 - 5 Herts Boys U14
1387 2014 25/05/2014 Hampshire Boys 6½ - 5½ Herts Boys U14
1388 2014 27/07/2014 Surrey Boys 5½ - 6½ Herts Boys U14
1389 2014 13/07/2014 BB&O U13/U12 7 - 3 Herts Boys U13/U12
1390 2014 13/07/2014 Bedfordshire Boys U13/U12 1 - 9 Herts Boys U13/U12
1391 2014 06/07/2014 Herts Boys U16 9 - 3 Surrey Boys
1392 2014 01/06/2014 Essex Boys 10½ - 1½ Hampshire Boys
1395 2014 11/05/2014 Herts Boys U14 10 - 2 Hampshire Boys
1409 2015 26/07/2015 Herts Boys U18 4 - 4 BB&O Boys
1410 2015 24/08/2015 Bedfordshire Boys 5 - 10 Herts Boys U14
1411 2015 27/08/2015 Middlesex Boys 1 - 11 Herts Boys U16
1412 2015 27/08/2015 Bedfordshire Boys 2 - 10 Herts Boys U16
1413 2015 27/08/2015 Bedfordshire Boys 6½ - 5½ Middlesex Boys
1414 2015 30/08/2015 Sussex Boys 2½ - 5½ Suffolk Boys
1415 2015 05/08/2015 Middlesex Boys 2½ - 9½ BB&O Boys
1416 2015 05/08/2015 Bedfordshire Boys 8½ - 3½ BB&O Boys

County Academy Programme

Come and join our ever growing community of young golfers

  • 6 Academies for boys & girls age 9 -15
  • 3 Lead coaches
  • 6 Development Coaches
  • 18 hours of Coaching
  • A festival of golf at the Academy Cup
  • 80+ Junior members

The Academy Programme is designed to underpin the playing experiences of our young golfers. It provides extended golf experiences beyond club level adding valuable support and links to increased playing opportunities whilst working closely with Hertfordshire Golf And their respective age group coaching. The Academy Programme is a unique opportunity to have fun, make friends and play more golf. Applications forms for places in the academy are here.

County Junior Squad


Manager – Sudip Roy – Old Fold Manor

Lead Coach – Ian Parker – Knebworth

  1. William Paas – Knebworth
  2. Louis Batrick-Wren – Bishop’s Stortford
  3. Oliver Aghera – South Herts 
  4. George Lancaster – Sandy Lodge
  5. Alfie Kitteridge – Bishop’s Stortford 
  6. Dominic McKenna – Essendon
  7. Marcus Karim – East Herts 
  8. Dylan Barney – South Herts 
  9. Aditya Singh Sawhney – West Herts 
  10. Jack Wilkins – Harpenden Common
  11. Yash Bid – Sandy Lodge
  12. Aryan Kapoor – Sandy Lodge
  13. Arjun Singh Sawhney – West Herts 
  14. Tanus Van Moldendorff – Essendon
  15. Teddy Young – Old Fold Manor 
  16. Jacob Lovatt – Letchworth 

Manager – Gerald Duddy – Whitehill 

Lead Coach – Matt Spencer – Essendon

  1. Coby Arazi – Dyrham Park 
  2. Eddie Cook – Bishops Stortford
  3. Alex Coombs Brown – Essendon
  4. Henry Dowsett – Bishop’s Stortford
  5. Jaego Gardiner – Porters Park
  6. River Gardiner – Porters Park 
  7. Jamie Jackson – Knebworth 
  8. Callum McCarthy – Knebworth
  9. Shaan Patel – Berkhamsted 
  10. Aman Shah – West Herts 

Manager- Gerald Duddy – Whitehill

Lead Coach – Laurence Allen – Verulam

  1. Matthew Benson-Jones – Harpenden                                
  2. Ben Sessions – Bishop’s Stortford
  3. Louie Bloxham – Welwyn
  4. Harry Cox – Welwyn
  5. Patrick Donovan – Welwyn 
  6. Oscar Freeman – West Herts 
  7. Ronnie Gibb – West Herts 
  8. Antoni Hawkins – Sandy Lodge
  9. Luca Ibekwem – West Herts 
  10. Will Lyons – Hanbury Manor
  11. Castor Morris – Sandy Lodge
  12. Noah Peters – West Herts 
  13. Harrison Preston – Bishop’s Stortford
  14. Finaly Rennie – Centurion 
  15. Eddie Wade – Harpenden Common
  16. Nate Warren – The Shire London


Manager – Jennie Lewis Puttick – The Melbourne Club

Lead Coach – Jo Oliver – Chesfield Downs

  1. Caitlin Garrard – The Hertfordshire
  2. Skye Chipchase – Bishop’s Stortford
  3. Jasmine Davies – West Herts 
  4. Flora Hadley – Bishop’s Stortford
  5. Lily Hertz – Essendon
  6. Isobel Jennings – Berkhamsted 
  7. Imogen Lawrenson – Redbourn 
  8. Amber Morris – Chesfield Downs 
  9. Lilly Newton – Bishop’s Stortford 
  10. Stassie Scott – Harpenden 
  11. Amelie Stewart – Welwyn 
  12. Lily Wrangle – Mid Herts 
  13. Rhianna Askey – Letchworth  

Manager – Jennie Lewis Puttick – The Melbourne Club

Lead Coach – Jo Oliver – Chesfield Downs

  1. Tala Clarke – Knebworth
  2. Hana Cunnane – Sandy Lodge
  3. Alecia Ibekwem – Sandy Lodge
  4. Sian Pickford – Knebworth
  5. Amiya Raja – Sandy Lodge
  6. Emma Robson – Chesfield Downs 
  7. Anqi Chen – South Herts 
  8. Keeley Morris – Chesfield Downs 
  9. Ava Gadsby – East Herts 
  10. Alice Maskell – Bishop’s Stortford 
  11. Anya Martin – Verulam 
  12. Grace Maskell – Bishop’s Stortford 

Policies & Important Documents

Whilst children and young people are participating in golf activities in our care, Hertfordshire Golf has a responsibility to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

Hertfordshire Golf recognises the policies of the national governing bodies, as set out in the ‘Guidelines For Safeguarding Children in Golf’ The policy and supporting procedures set out a framework to fulfil our committment to good practice and the protection of children in our care.

Safeguarding Junior Players Policy & Procedures and all the appendices can be accessed below

Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy and Procedures – Issue 3

Full Details on Safeguarding Page

Code of Conduct for Young Golfers


As a young golfer taking part in a Hertfordshire Golf activity, you should:

    • Help create and maintain an environment free of fear and harassment


    • Demonstrate fair play and apply golf’s standards both on and off the course


    • Understand that you have the right to be treated as an individual


    • Respect the advice that you receive


    • Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself


    • Respect other people and their differences


    • Look out for yourself and for the welfare of others


    • Speak out (to your parents or a Hertfordshire Golf representative) if you consider that you or others have been poorly treated


    • Be organised and on time


    • Tell someone in authority if you are leaving the venue


    • Accept that these guidelines are in place for the well-being of all concerned


    • Treat organisers and coaches with respect


    • Observe instructions or restrictions requested by the adults looking after you

You should not take part in any irresponsible, abusive, inappropriate or illegal behaviour which includes:

    • Smoking


    • Using foul or abusive language


    • Publicly using critical or disrespectful descriptions of others either in person or through text, email or social network sites


    • Consuming alcohol, illegal performance-enhancing drugs or stimulants

1              Priorities


When a conflict of priorities arises it should be resolved in the following order:  


Country first, then County, then Club, and lastly Self.


2              General Behaviour


a)    Ensure the appropriate authority is told as soon as possible if you are unable to participate in any event you have previously entered, or which you have been invited to attend.


b)    Do not swear audibly or abuse clubs, ball, equipment, course or course furniture in temper.


c)    Smoking is forbidden on the course and in the clubhouse at all junior events.


d)    Playing of fruit machines and the consumption of alcoholic beverages is forbidden at all junior events.


e)    Win or lose, after your round is over come out on the course and support your fellow team members still playing.


3              Dress


a)    At each event find out and obey the dress rules of the Club, both on the course and in the clubhouse.


b)    All county squad members are issued with official County coloured uniform, which should be kept clean and in good order, and only worn for County matches and training sessions.


c)    Players should change their shoes and wet weather clothes before entering the lounge or dining area of a club after completion of their round.


d)    Ensure, if requested, you bring your jacket and county tie to change into for the meal afterwards.


4              Courtesy on the Course


a)    Before making a stroke or practise swing ensure that nobody is in a position to be hit by club, ball or any stones, twigs or the like, which may be moved in making the stroke or practise swing.


b)    Watch where your playing partner’s ball lands and help him find it if necessary.


c)    If a putt is conceded hand the ball to your opponent, do not knock it away with your putter or throw it to him.


d)    Always thank the starter before leaving the first tee, and your fellow competitors or opponents after your game is over, and take off your hat when you do so.


5              Care of the Course


a)    Look for and obey any notices governing conduct on the golf course.


b)    In taking practise swings avoid causing damage to the course, particularly the tees, by removing divots.


c)    Do not take trolleys onto greens or tees, or between green side bunkers and greens.


d)    Replace any divots taken immediately and press them down. Make sure you use sand & seed boxes, where provided, to fill your divots on the tees, especially on par 3’s.


e)    Rake over holes and footprints made in bunkers and replace the rake in a position similar to that in which you found it, and where it will be least likely to affect play.


f)     Repair pitch marks on the green by levelling with a pitch mark repairer, or tee peg, and tapping down with a putter.


g)    Ensure that neither you nor your caddie causes any damage to the green, or


hole, standing close to it, in handling the flag stick, or in removing the ball from the hole.


h)   After completion of the hole, repair any spike mark damage as a courtesy to those coming behind.


6              Speed of Play


a)    Play without delay. Slow play is one of the game’s most undesirable aspects and you may be penalised if you do not keep pace with the game in front of you.


b)    Walk quickly between shots and be ready to play when it is your turn.


c)    Play a provisional ball if there is any chance that your ball may be lost or out of bounds but not in a penalty area.


d)    Be ready to call the following game through as soon as it is apparent that your ball is not going to be found easily.


e)    Leave your bag on the side of the green in the direction of the next tee.


f)     Do not mark your card on the green after the hole is finished, or when it is your turn to drive.


g)    In stroke play try to hole out short putts, unless you will be standing on another players line.


Acting in accordance with document #7 of the Hertfordshire Golf Safeguarding Policy, Managing Challenging Behaviour, should any golfer be found to not be adhering to the agreed Code of Conduct, following may apply at the discretion of the relevant Team Manager or the County Coaching Co-ordinator;

    • Asked to leave a County organised activity taking place 

As per Hertfordshire Golf’s disciplinary procedure, a hearing could be called that may lead to one of the following outcomes;

    • Serve a period of suspension of County organised activities 


    • Withdrawal of any benefits achieved by squad position


    • Expulsion from County squad

In all cases the golfer’s parents and Home club (if applicable) will be informed of the situation by the appropriate Hertfordshire Golf representative.

As parents you are expected to:

  • Positively reinforce your child and show an interest in their chosen activity
  • Do not place your child under pressure or push them in to activities they do not want to do
  • Be realistic and supportive
  • Promote your child’s participation in playing sport for fun
  • Complete and return the Player Profile Form and Consents pertaining to your child’s participation in activities at Hertfordshire Golf
  • Report and update Hertfordshire Golf with any changes relevant to your child’s health and wellbeing
  • Deliver and collect your child punctually before and after coaching sessions/competitions
  • Ensure your child has clothing and kit appropriate to the weather conditions
  • Ensure you child has appropriate equipment, plus adequate food and drink
  • Ensure that you child understands the rules of Golf
  • Teach your child that they can only do their best
  • Ensure that your child understands their Code of Conduct
  • Behave responsibly at Hertfordshire Golf and on the golf course; do not embarrass your child
  • Show appreciation and support the coaches, volunteers and staff at Hertfordshire Golf
  • Accept the decision and judgement of the officials during events and competition

As a parents/carer you have the right to:

  • Be assured that your child is safeguarded during their participation in the sport
  • Be informed of problems or concerns relating to your child
  • Be informed if your child is injured
  • Have consent sought for issues such as trips and photography
  • Contribute to the decisions of the county
  • Have any concerns about any aspect of your child’s welfare listened to and responded to

Any breaches of this code of conduct will be dealt with immediately by Hertfordshire Golf. Persistent concerns or breaches may result in you being asked not to attend games if your attendance is considered detrimental to the welfare of young participants. 

The ultimate action should a parent/carer continue to breach the code of conduct may require Hertfordshire Golf regrettably asking your child to leave the session, event or county team.