In 2023 we have had over 150 GirlGuides make a start at obtaining thier Girls Golf Challange badge. Currently  Letchworth G.C , Berkhamsted G.C and The Hertsmere G.C have all run sessions with the GirlGuides and the feedback has been really positive, with some of the girls signing up to additonal golf session that the clubs had on offer. The clubs listed below are still all happy to arrnage session for the local hubs, so if your a Hub leader and would like to arrnage for you hub to attend please get in contact. 


Girls enjoy taking part in sport and being active but feel the sports they have access to at school

is limited in comparison to boys.
In the Girlguiding Girls’ Attitude Survey 2021, Covid-19 has significantly and profoundly changed girls’ and young women’s lives over the past 18 months. The survey captures the pandemic’s impact and offers a snapshot of how it has influenced girls’ views about themselves and the world around them. It also tracks their attitudes on wider topics such as happiness levels and access to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects. Mental health has been significantly impacted and it’s the girl’s happiness that now needs to be addressed.

We think all girls should be encouraged to try new activities, discover new skills, and be given an equal offering in terms of sports available to them. Hertfordshire Golf has put together the Girls Golf Challenge Badge to introduce golf to all girls and young women across Hertfordshire County and beyond. We currently have seven clubs below who are happy to be involved and help run the events, these clubs are as follows.


Letchworth Golf Club 

Welwyn Garden City Golf Club 

The Hertsmere Golf Club 

Harpenden Golf Club (Natalie Chaston)

Chadwell Springs Golf Centre (Danny Harwood)

The Hertfordshire Golf & Country Club (James Jones)

Berkhamsted Golf Club (Joe Biggs)

For more information on what’s involved and how to run your own event please use the links below. 

Girls Golf Challenge Badge  

Girls Golf Certificate 

Suggested risk assessment 

Event Template


For more information or advice, please contact Matthew Crowhurst via email at