Parental Consent Form

Hertfordshire Golf is delighted to welcome you and your child to what we hope will be an enjoyable and positive experience with Hertfordshire golf.

The positive effect of your support, as a parent, can’t be overstated. Your behavior has a real influence on the way your child experiences golf.

First things first – why is your child showing an interest in the sport? Is it to learn a new game? To hang out with their friends? Because they did it in school and liked it? or because you play?

Make sure they’re playing for their own reasons, not yours.

There is a wealth of supportive information and advice on the England Golf and Safegolf websites

To enable us to provide the best possible experience for you and your child, please read through the following guidance and complete the attached consent forms.

Take an interest in your child’s activity and progress and be supportive.

  • Familiarise yourself with Hertfordshire Golf Safeguarding Policy ( Hertfordshire Golf web site ).
  • Complete the attached Parental Consent Form which will enable event organisers to cater for any particular needs that your child may have (e.g. medical conditions and medications, allergies, learning difficulties etc.), as well as contact you in the unlikely event of an emergency.
  • Go through the attached Code of Conduct with your child and return a signed copy to the Team Managers/County Coach Coordinator/Ladies County Junior Organiser.
  • Be punctual when dropping off and picking up your child for and from coaching / events. It is important to communicate with the event organiser if collecting your child after an event, may cause a problem.
  • Introduce yourself to the Team Managers/Coaches/Junior Organisers involved in the supervision of your child.
  • When leaving your child, make sure they have the necessary provisions for the day, including the ability to meet the requirements of changing weather conditions. Please ensure that your mobile is switched on when you are away from Hertfordshire Golf venues, so that you can be contacted in an emergency.
  • Encourage your child to take part and support county golf activities such as coaching & competitions.
  • Help your child to arrange golf with other juniors away from county golf organised activities so they have someone to play golf with.

As a parent/guardian you are encouraged to:

  • Discuss any concerns regarding the organisation of activities or the behaviour of adults towards your child with  either the Team Managers, Coaches or the County Welfare Officers whichever is appropriate, who will treat any concerns you or your child may have in the strictest confidence
  • The County Welfare Officer, Kim Bristow, can be contacted on mobile:  07984 694 273,  email: 
  • England Golf compliance department are also available for confidential advice: 01526 351 824. 
The safety and welfare of junior golfers in our care is paramount, and it is therefore important that we are aware of any illness, medical condition and other relevant health details so that their best interests are addressed.

Please complete this form with our assurance that the information will be treated as confidential.

Once a PCF is registered it covers a 3 year period however it is the responsibility of the junior golfer and their parent/guardian to notify Hertfordshire Golf if any of the details change at any time by submitting a new parental consent form.  (i.e. Change of address, change of Doctor, new medical condition etc.)

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