This series of seven events held on Par 3 courses around the county is part of Hertfordshire Golf’s ‘junior development’ pathway. We offer a perfect opportunity for young golfers to develop their skills and playing experiences whilst making new friends with likeminded players on golf courses’ relevant to their size, strength and ability. 

Futures Tour and iTour

A warm welcome to Hertfordshire Golf’s ‘Futures Tour’ series. These seven events played over Par 3 courses around the county, are the first step on Hertfordshire Golf’s ‘junior development’ pathway. We offer the perfect opportunity for young golfers to develop their skills and playing experiences whilst making friends with like-minded players on a golf course relevant to their size, strength and ability.

We’re thrilled to announce the return of the team element to the Hertfordshire Golf Futures Tour, enhancing the overall experience for our young golf enthusiasts.

The team dynamic, a massive hit when the Futures Tour began, fosters camaraderie, belonging, and lasting memories for participants. Players will be assigned to Team Kites, Team Hawks, or Team Falcons, wearing team shirts with the Hertfordshire Golf logo to strengthen their sense of identity and facilitate new friendships. Shirts are included in the season’s membership and will be a one-off payment of £15 for those who choose to pay as you play. As players don team colours and collaborate toward a shared goal, youngsters will develop essential social skills, including communication, cooperation, and mutual support. Points awarded for individual performances at each event will contribute to determining Team Winners per event and a season’s end. Team Winner will be crowned, celebrating the collective efforts of all team members.

Venues and dates for the 2024 Tour are as follows:

Redbourn Golf Club Sunday April 7th 11.00am
Chadwell Springs Family Golf Sunday May 12th 11.00am
The Club at Mill Green Sunday June 23rd 11.00am
The Shire London Golf club Sunday July 28th 11.00am
Chesfield Downs Golf Club Sunday August 25th 11.00am
Aldwickbury Park Golf Club Sunday September 29th 11.00am
South Herts Golf Club Sunday October 6th 11.00am

We’ll keep a record of your progress which you can share with both your home and academy coaches throughout the year, charting your development as you improve.

If you have any questions feel free to call

Good luck and we are really looking forward to helping you improve your skills whilst having the maximum amount of fun on the golf course.

Best wishes as always,
Matthew Crowhurst
County Development Officer (CDO) Hertfordshire Golf.
Tel: 07496 653 056

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Fixtures Diary

Futures Tour Online Form

The Tour is open to boys and girls born between January 1st 2013 and January 1st 2018. To submit online, fill in your details below.

Futures Tour Application Form
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Player Details

Print & post Futures Tour Application

To print, download blank form and post, please use the form here FT Application Form PDF


The competition will be 9 holes stroke play Medal format.


  • Air shots do not count
  • There will be a maximum of 8 shots per hole.
  • Once a player has played their 8th shot the ball MUST be picked up and a score of 8* will count for that hole
  • A 9 will be recorded at the scorer’s desk to be fair to the players whose ball finishes in the hole on their 8th shot.


  • After 3 failed attempts to get out of a bunker, the competitor may, without penalty, drop their ball to the side of the bunker, no nearer the hole; however the 3 failed attempts will still count.
  • There will be no penalty strokes if a club is grounded whilst playing a bunker shot.


A ball in thick rough must be dropped out as close as possible to the point where it entered the rough, taking complete relief and no nearer the hole, with a penalty of one shot

Boundary of the Course:

If a players ball finishes beyond the boundary of the course the player must drop a ball at the point the original ball crossed the course boundary with a penalty of one shot – we do not intend to penalise a player shot and distance as in the full playing rules

Group Markers:

A group marker will be required to complete a self-disclosure form, (available with version 1 of the start sheet or on the web site). The markers role is to: o Return the correct gross score for each player in the group to the scorer’s desk. o Verbally encourage players to take responsibility for their game on the tee box and the green

  • Retain a reasonable pace of play
  • Applaud and encourage all players in the group


Bag Carriers:

Parents or guardians may carry the bags of competitors who are under 8 years of age BUT CAN NOT GIVE ADVICE OR HELP WITH CLUB SELECTION.

Players Dress Code:

Although we do not have a strict dress code we do encourage all participants on the Futures Tour to prepare for life in golf with an awareness of expected standards of dress for play. Please do not wear jeans, tracksuits, T-shirts, athletic shorts, football kit or other similar attire and encourage boys to keep polo shirts tucked in.

Parents and Guardians:

A parent or nominated guardian may accompany competitors and ideally participate by acting as ball spotters ahead of the game they are watching; however, adults are only permitted to approach a player to supply refreshment, waterproof clothing or sun protection. Clubhouse dress code for adults will vary from club to club so please make sure you are aware of these to save disappointment if you want to use the facilities on the day.

We ask our Members, Guests and Visitors to please observe the following:


o Please don’t wear jeans, tracksuits, trainers, T-shirts, athletic shorts or similar attire.

o Please don’t change clothes in the car park.

o Boys can wear tailored golf shorts, not below knee-length, with white socks which are visible above their footwear.

o We ask boys to wear shirts with a collar.

o Girls can wear golf skirts, skirts and tailored shorts of a reasonable length and cropped trousers.

o Girls can wear sleeveless shirts with a collar, or sleeved shirts with a round neck or collar.

On the Course

o Please wear golf shoes if at all possible.

o Please don’t tuck long trousers into socks.

o We ask boys to tuck their shirts into their trousers or shorts.

o We ask girls to tuck their shirts in unless they are specifically designed to be worn otherwise.

In the Clubhouse

o Clean golf shoes can only be worn in Spike Bars and locker rooms.

o Headwear, rain suits, muddy or wet clothing can only be worn in the locker rooms.

o We ask boys to wear socks and shoes.