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Womens Team Results

1676 2018 30/08/2018 Essex Senior Ladies 3½ - 3½ Herts Senior Women
1753 2018 03/08/2018 Herts Senior Women 5 - 2 Norfolk Seniors Ladies
1754 2018 31/07/2018 Hampshire Senior Ladies 6½ - ½ Herts Senior Women
1755 2018 13/06/2018 Herts Senior Women 5½ - 1½ Buckinghamshire Senior Ladies
1756 2018 29/05/2018 Herts Senior Women 1½ - 5½ Berkshire Ladies

Women in Golf Charter

Hertfordshire has led the way by becoming the first county to sign up to The R&A’s Women in Golf charter.

The charter is designed to develop a more inclusive culture within golf, to encourage increased participation from women and girls and to allow them to reach their full potential as golfers.

Clubs and counties that sign up to the charter are committed to providing a welcoming and inspiring environment for women to play the sport or to work in the golf industry.

In particular, Hertfordshire has set the following short-term goals:

– Achieve and maintain no less than 30% female representation on their Board of directors.
– Deliver a minimum of six initiatives a year targeting women/girls and families
– Promote the retention pathway for juniors focusing on increased girls’ participation
– Assist clubs in achieving SafeGolf accreditation
– Stabilise female affiliation numbers at 15% of total membership over the first year
– Increase female participation in championships by 5%
– Appoint a charter champion to promote, activate and report on the progress of the aims
Esther Strous has been nominated as the charter champion for the county and is thrilled to take on the role.

She said: “This really puts down on paper our outline policy to drive women’s and girls’ golf in the county. “It’s very detailed and sets strategic goals.

“That was deliberate so that we take ownership of this and show to our clubs what the county is doing, how they can follow our example and why it’s a good idea.

“The more clubs we can get to sign up to the charter the better it will be and our aim is for 15 in the first year.

“We will be holding a club forum in the near future with the charter on the agenda so that we can explain what it is and what they can do to get on board.”

Hertfordshire’s commitment to the Women in Golf charter follows hot on the heels of another achievement. The county was one of the first in England to achieve SafeGolf accreditation which safeguards young people and vulnerable groups involved in golf.

For any further information on the Charter or SafeGolf, please contact Matthew Crowhurst at cdo@hertfordshiregolf.org or call on 07496 653 056

Hertfordshire Golf Women in Golf Charter

Hertfordshire Lady Golf Captains Society

This prestigious society was first formed in 1972 by several forward thinking Lady Captains.  One of them was May Rayner of Brookmans Park, who subsequently became the first captain of the society in 1973 and then the first President in 1975.
The aim was and still is to encourage all past and present lady captains to meet for a friendly game of golf and pleasant company with their peers.  Since the society was formed it has gone from strength to strength with over 300 playing and non playing members and the majority of Hertfordshire Golf Clubs represented.

Our itinerary includes Spring, Summer and Autumn Meetings at a Hertfordshire golf club of the presiding Captain’s choice, friendly matches with four surrounding county Past Captains’ Societies, away break, bridge day and a much coveted match with the Hertfordshire Men’s Past Captains society. Finally, our AGM and lunch each December, which apart from the official formalities,  provides another platform for a social gathering.If you are, or have been a Captain of a Hertfordshire Golf Club please do come and join us. A friendly welcome will always be waiting for you.

To view more information, fixtures, results, news, please visit the website www.hlgcs.co.uk