England Golf Championship Entry Criteria 2023

England Golf Championship Entry Criteria 2023

The England Golf Championship department has been recently reviewing their Terms of Competition for 2023. This review focused on the entry conditions, in particular the use of General Play scores and those with incomplete handicap records entering England Golf championships. This review has taken place for the following reasons:

  • Entries have been received from players who had a high number of General Play scores in their record resulting in a Handicap Index considered lower than their playing ability. This was supported by the actual scores returned in the championship.
  • Entries were also received from players with incomplete handicap records (less than 20 scores). Due to the calculations identified in Rule 5.2 of the Rules of Handicapping, very low handicaps have been generated, which resulted in a Handicap Index lower than their playing ability. Again, this was supported by the scores returned in the championships.
  • A high number of complaints were received about the improper use of General play scores.

Please find below the England Golf General Conditions and new Championship Entry policy that details the entry criteria for championships in 2023. I hope the Championship Entry policy is self-explanatory but to assist I have highlighted additional key information below:

  • This is a pilot scheme and is being trialled for 2023. It is intended for England Golf implementation only.
  • It is not intended to restrict players from entering England Golf championships who have General Play scores currently in their record.
  • The report functionality as outlined in 2.1 is only available to England Golf.
  • Where fewer than 20 scores have been returned in a record these will be reviewed by gaining as much information on the players playing ability/score history.  

On the conclusion of the 2023 season a further review of the policy will take place.

Click here to view the new EG Championship Entry Policy

Click here to view EG General Conditions

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