Where is my Email

We have copies of all your email messages on both the old IG mail server and on the new one.

We need to disconnect your existing profile from the intelligent golf mail server, so we need to remove the connection. It will not delete any emails, we have them on both the old and new server. We just need to delete your profile and existing connection.


Then make a new connection to the new mail server. 

Instructions are below depending on how you connect.

You can connect any device, mobile, laptop, mail client or browser to the new email system.

Connecting Apple Mail on iOS Phone

Go to Settings. Mail

Click Accounts

Click Add Account

Click Microsoft Exchange

Type in the Email Address and a name/description for the Account


Sign In

Enter the new password


After that the email account should be added


If you open your Mail app, it will be listed there as a new Mailbox


Connecting Android Device

  1. On your Android device, open the Settings page.

  2. Choose Accounts, and then choose Add accounts.

  3. Choose Exchange,

  4. Then enter your @hertfordshiregolf.org email address and choose Next.

  5. Enter your password.

  6. After your device connects with the mail server, choose Save.

Connecting Microsoft Outlook on Windows

Add new account

Type in your email address and under advanced options, select Let me set up my account manually
Choose Exchange for the mail server type
You should then get a pop up box to login.
Login with email address and Password 
this will be new password ask Louis or contact graeme@nooqgolf.com 07720 558540 if don’t know password
Click Nextg

Connecting Microsoft Outlook on Apple Mac desktop/laptop

    1. Open the Microsoft Outlook app on your device.

    2. Choose Accounts.

    3. Enter your @hertfordshiregolf.org address and choose Add Account.

    4. If you are asked to select a service or protocol, choose Exchange.

    5. On the configuration screen, do the following:

      • Password –Enter your new email password.

      • Server – If asked server is https://ews.mail.us-east-1.awsapps.com/EWS/Exchange.asmx

      • Domain – hertfordshiregolf.org

      • Username – the part before the @, so secretary@hertfordshiregolf.org username is secretary

    6. Choose Sign-in.

Connecting via browser / webmail

if have trouble accessing it from a mobile or laptop- you can access it via browser above. 

Username is the first part of email address – WITHOUT the @hertfordshiregolf.org part.

Email address secretary@hertfordshiregolf.org will be

Username secretary