1/ The League is to be known as the VER JUNIOR LEAGUE consisting of sixteen participating clubs. All teams must comply with the dress rules that apply to the course and the clubhouse of the home club. To avoid embarrassment, if in doubt, please check before travelling.

2/ The draw will be distributed to establish which clubs shall play each other on a home and away singles match play basis. The winners of the first round will go forward to further knockout stages to decide the winner of the Ver Shield. The first round losers will go forward to further knockout stages to decide the winner of the Ver Plate. All clubs will play at least four matches.

3/ The competing club teams may consist of boys and girls who are under the age of 18 on 1st January each year, and who are Junior members of the club they represent. Players may only play for one club in any one season.

4/ Each team consists of seven players playing one singles match against a member of the opposing team. Each player shall play off his/her recognised CONGU or LGU handicap with the higher handicapped player receiving FULL difference between the handicaps of the two players.

5/ The maximum handicap is Girls - 36 and Boys - 28. If a club is unable to field a team of seven players with CONGU or LGU handicaps up to the maximum allowed they may play a Junior member whose official club handicap is higher but they must play off the maximum allowed handicap.

6/ With boy -v- girl matches, the following will apply. If the men's SSS of the tees being used is less that the ladies SSS the girl's handicap shall be increased by the difference. If the girls SSS is less that the men's SSS of the tees being used the boys handicap shall be increased by the difference. Then the FULL handicap allowance will be calculated from the amended handicap. Strokes will be taken from the men's card. In the event of a girl v girl match the girl's stroke index will be used.

7/ Before the start of play, each side shall exchange team sheets with the seven players being in strict handicap order. The lowest handicap plays in the first match. All matches are to be played off the medal tees of the course being played (White or Yellow tees for boys and Red tees for girls). Each match is to be played over a maximum of 18 holes, resulting in each match being won, lost or halved.

8/ Should the aggregate result of the home and away matches be tied the lowest handicap players from each team will play sudden death until there is a winner. The handicap allowance for the play-off will be the FULL.

9/ If a club is unable to field a team of seven, the team in default will lose one game to the opposing team for each player they are short. The defaulted match will be match seven and so on if more than one match is defaulted.

10/ All players must ensure that their ball is suitably marked to enable it to be positively identified.

11/ Players are not allowed caddies or to take advice at any time during a match from any other party. Any player infringing this rule will automatically be disqualified and therefore forfeit the match regardless of the standing of it at the time of the infringement. However it is permissible for a player to ask an organiser for a ruling relating and only relating to the rules of golf.

12/ It is the responsibility of each Junior Organiser to ensure that each match is played by the due date. The top club on the draw sheet should be the host for the first match however if this it not possible the order can be changed by mutual consent with both match dates agreed in advance of the first match.

13/ The result notified to the League Organiser by the winning teams Organiser prior to the closing date of the round being played. NO EXTENSIONS beyond the published play by date will be given, with the exception of the Finals, this may be granted should both matches not be organised by the prescribed time. Should the second match in any round not be played by the appropriate date the match will be decided upon the result of the first match. If that match was tied then the away team will be awarded the win. Should no match be played by the appropriate date then both teams will be disqualified. In the interest of the smooth running of the competition there will be NO EXCEPTIONS.

14/ Any club unable to agree dates should contact the League organiser as soon as possible, who will endeavor to make the required arrangements

Issued March 2013