Matters relating to the Rules of Golf are the responsibility of the HG Championships Committee (CC), under the leadership of the Director of Championships.

Its activity includes:

  • promoting the knowledge and understanding of the Rules of Golf throughout Hertfordshire clubs and amongst competitors in HG events
  • producing a Hard Card at the start of each season, setting out the Local Rules that will apply to all HG events produces during the year. (This is likely to be closely aligned with the England Golf Hard Card for that season)
  • working towards the target of having at least one person with an accredited knowledge of the Rules in every Hertfordshire club
  • staging Rules Roadshows around the county to provide the opportunity for all HG affiliated members to learn about the Rules through practical demonstrations and discussion
  • managing a team of qualified referees who officiate at all HG events

Why not get up to date on the latest rules by attending one of our 'Rules Roadshows' Complete the form here: 


Club officials may submit Rules queries to the County Secretary who will reply with the help of the members of the Committee

Clubs are also encouraged to seek HG advice regarding their own Local Rules whenever necessary

HG Rules Accreditation will be awarded to any affiliated member who attends a Rules Roadshow and subsequently score over 90% in the R&A online Level 1 Rules exam

All HG referees have attained an R&A Level 2 qualification. Some have achieved Level 3 qualification. The CC ensures that referee qualifications are revalidated as required and upgraded when appropriate. Potential new referees are advised regarding the process for obtaining the relevant qualification and invited to shadow current referees at HG events. 

For Rules of Golf queries or Local Rules queries please contact the County Secretary, 

HG Referees

The following referees are qualified to England Golf Level 2 or higher and form the current HG Tournament Panel:

  • Jane Bellis - Porters Park
  • Richard Blanchflower-Brookmans Park
  • Chris Bourne-Bedfordshire
  • Robin Colbourne-Moor Park
  • Ed Devine-Brickendon Grange
  • Judith Elborn-Mill Green
  • Steve Fownes-Verulam
  • Alastair Fraser-Old Fold Manor
  • Jeremy Gardiner-Brown-Batchwood Hall
  • Nathan Gilpin - Old Fold Manor
  • Simon Hinton - Stevenage
  • Chris James-Mid Herts
  • Peter Jennings - Berkhamsted
  • John Lambe-Porters Park
  • Carl Lawson-Aldwickbury Park
  • Sue McKeon-Buckinghamshire
  • Chris Medley-Stocks
  • Robert Moore-Batchwood Hall
  • Derek Nash-Mid Herts
  • Marcia Oram-Bishops Stortford
  • Liz Perrottet-Berkhamsted
  • Anne Pyke-Harpenden
  • Chris Rose-Hadley Wood Artisans
  • Alan Thomson-Verulam
  • Hugh Wikner-Hadley Wood
  • Patrick Wright-Verulam

Rules Accreditation

The following club members have been awarded HG Rules Accreditation:

Brickendon Grange

Colin Hyde

East Herts 

Pauline Maile


John Amos

Nick Simpson

Great Hadham

Trevor Dearing


Karen Ellam

Little Hay

Brian Ridgeway 


Colin Hinton

Moor Park

Jessica Myers

Janet Smith

Ali Walji

Old Fold Manor

David Dobinson


Nick Monk


Helen Medley


Don Ward