The Pearson Trophy Inter-County Management Committee

The Pearson Trophy is open to members of clubs affiliated to England Golf

In Hertfordshire, Kent, Middlesex and Surrey

No club is excluded from entering the Pearson Trophy but all clubs must agree to The Rules and Regulations of the competition and participate in a manner, which is perceived to be fair to all clubs. 


1. Clubs should send entries on the official form, together with the entry fee, to the member of the Committee of Management representing their County. The Committee of Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any club for any reason and without explanation. Matches may commence from November 1st 2018.

2. The competition shall be played from current CONGU Playing Handicaps 13 to 32 inclusive. Players with Playing Handicaps over 32 shall compete off 32. Matches will be played off full difference of handicap, as stipulated by CONGU. Only those with Competition (c) handicaps will be allowed.

3. Clubs in each County shall be divided into divisions and, where necessary, into sub-divisions as decided by the County Manager. Each club must play home and away fixtures against all other clubs in the division or sub-division. Practise rounds are not compulsory.

4. Teams shall consist of seven per side. In the County Finals and Inter-County Finals the teams shall consist of seven players plus two reserves.

5. A player who is a member of more than one club may choose which club she wishes to represent during the season but may not play in the Pearson Trophy Matches for any other club. She must be an Annual, Life or Honorary Member of the club she represents.

6. Players may not engage a professional or an assistant professional as a caddie. No player may have a caddie except for the County and Inter-County Finals. Caddies will be allowed as per R&A Rule 6.4.

7. A player shall walk at all times unless permitted to ride by the Management Committee.

a) A registered disabled player may use a buggy in all Pearson Trophy Matches.

b) A player who is recovering from a long-term illness/injury or who has a medical condition may use a buggy in all Pearson Trophy Matches provided the player produces a Doctor’s letter supporting the medical reason why she requires the use of the buggy. This letter must be sent to the County Manager prior to the date of play. This information will be held in strict confidence.

8. The Management Committee permit the use of Distance Measuring Devices at any time during Pearson Trophy Matches. Players must abide by the R&A rule 14.3 concerning the use of DMDs which, under local rule, now makes all devices acceptable.

9. Each player must inform the Captain of her current CONGU Playing Handicap and should be able to produce an up-to-date CONGU Playing Handicap when required to do so. If any player plays from the wrong handicap, her match and any other match affected through incorrect placing shall be conceded, giving a walkover to the opposing players.

a) Captains must exchange Team Lists, in playing handicap order, no later than 15 minutes before the agreed starting time on the day of the match. After the exchange of lists no substitution is permitted. Should any player fail to be on the 1st tee within 45 minutes from the time fixed for the first pair to start, her opponent shall score a walkover.

b) Any club unable to play any of the scheduled matches must withdraw from the competition and all of their previous matches will be cancelled. If a club is unable to field a team of seven, a minimum of four may play, conceding a walkover for each missing player.

10. Matches must not be played on a Saturday or Sunday. Every match must start from the 1st tee and be played from the LGU tees of the day over 18 holes. Halved matches shall be played to a finish, strokes being taken at the same holes as in a complete round.

11. If, due to bad weather, it has not been possible to complete all individual matches on the day, the following procedures will apply:

a) The results of completed matches stand and the incomplete matches are declared null and void.  The Captains must agree on a day on which the outstanding matches can be replayed, with each team free to alter the original team. No player who took part in a completed individual match may take part in any of the matches to be replayed.

b) If no individual matches have been completed, the match is declared null and void. It must be replayed at the earliest opportunity, with each team free to alter its original team.

12. When Winter rules are in force for the preservation of the course, the match shall be played in accordance with those Local rules, provided that they are approved by the R&A and do not contravene the Rules of Golf.

13. If a course is undergoing or about to undergo alterations, the County Manager must be informed. The revised yardage(s) must be provided in writing for the visiting team on the day of the match. Matches cannot be played on a course with more than six temporary greens and the holes must be of regulation size. The decision of the County Manager as to whether a club is eligible to enter the competition for that season is final.

14. All matches must be played within the time limit and under no circumstances will any extension be allowed. In very adverse weather conditions, the Captain of the home team must check with the Secretary or Management that the course is officially closed before cancelling a match and offering a suitable replay date. However, a match may also be postponed in bad weather provided both Captains agree and can find a mutually convenient date on which to play.

15. The Captain of the winning team must forward, by post or email, the full result on the official form, signed by both Captains, to the County Manager to arrive within three days of the date of the match.

16. The County Manager shall be notified immediately of any protest or dispute. The Captain must inform the opposing Captain of her intention to protest and must forward a written account to arrive within three days of the match. The Pearson Trophy Committee of Management, whose decision is final, shall settle all disputes.

17. The highest number of team matches won shall decide winners of divisions or sub-divisions. Ties will then be decided by the highest number of games won and a further tie by the highest number of points won, as follows: e.g.

       Win by 6/4 = 6 points to winner

Win by 2 holes = 2 points to win

Win beyond 18th hole = 1 point to winner

Disqualification or walkover  = 1 point to winner

The highest number of away points won shall decide any further tie. In the event of all the above options being tied, there will be a play-off on a neutral course.

18. The County Finals shall be played by July 17th. The Inter-County Finals shall be played by July 31st and will be on a course in each County by rotation, the date and course being agreed annually by the Management Committee. The venue will not change in the event of the home team qualifying. The Finals shall be a knockout tournament, the order of play being decided by automatic draw. Once a clear result has been reached, unfinished matches may be called in.

19. The Pearson Trophy shall be held by the winning club for one year. The winning club must be responsible for the insurance of the Trophy during that period and for its engraving.

2018 - 2019