What have we been up to LATELY!


On the 19th August 2021 we held our Zero to Hero Challenge at Chesfield Downs Golf Club which is aimed at beginners to the game. We had 5 teams take part in the event on what turned out to be a great weather day. Teams represented Letchworth, Mid Herts and Chesfield Downs. The format was 2 out of 4 scores to count using a Figure 8 scorecard. Loads of great shots played, laughs had, new friends made and prizes won. Even some birdies made!!!

The scores were close and we even had a countback to decide second place of 84 points which eventually went to the team of Jeff, Mark and Peter who represented our Stroke/Parkinsons groups. In first on a great score of 87 points it was the team from Letchworth comprising Sue, Wayne, Tommy and Cliff. CONGRATULATIONS to our winners and everyone who played!

A huge thank  you to Chesfield Downs for hosting and looking after us and a HUGE thank you to the volunteers who made the day extra special by supporting and encouraging our newbies. 



Our Stroke Survivor and Parkinsons groups were invited to attend/be involved in a brilliant golf day hosted by RSM and EDGA (European Disabled Golf Association) on the 26th July at Batchworth Golf Club. The outline of the day included masterclasses by Hertfordshire resident and Professional, Alice Hewson accompanied by European Tour player Andy Sullivan who showed us how the Pro's do it from greenside bunkers and pitch shots. A shot-gun start for the 18 teams which included one EDGA player, meant our participants could enjoy watching from the clubhouse patio as the groups made their way round the course. 

Mark Taylor ( Head of Development for EDGA and PGA Professional) led the fun activity for our groups which included a few top tips to think about next time they out playing. We had a little putting competition over 6 holes to end the day which was loads of fun. Prizes for everyone!

A HUGE thank you to all at EDGA/RSM who invited our groups along to enjoy what was an excellent day out! 

The groups have been running at Chesfield Downs since 2019 and sees up to 17 participants attend weekly sessions with Joanne Oliver. The sessions have been extremely successful in that those who take part have grown in confidence and look forward to seeing their group each week. Even enjoy a bit of coffee/lunch after. The sessions are supported by an National Lottery Awards For All grant which means the participants pay only £4.00 per week to attend. The benefits are more than just the golf skills learnt but also its the mental awareness and social interaction on a regular basis. We have also just had confirmation that further funding has been successful with Sport England which will see the sessions run into February 2022. 

For more information on how to get involved contact Esther cdo@hertfordshiregolf.org 





We have had 10 successful events already this year and seen 78   women take to the par 3's of Hertfordshire so far. Below are some short summaries of each event this season.

A huge thank you to all our host clubs this season. Without the venue, our beginners would not be introduced to new friends and course play. Also to our prizes sponsor of the final few events, Surprize Shop, a huge thank you for getting involved and supporting the growth of the womens game.

South Herts GC on the 26th September saw 3 women take to the short Rees course and 8 women take to the main Vardon course as the last event of the season. The courses were in great condition and enjoyed by all on the day. With the Rees course having a couple of longer holes to test our beginners, it was great to see them take on the challenges. Nearest the pin winner was NIcky Plumb. The winner of the Stella Frogley Memorial trophy on a score of 13 challenges achieved was Sarah Hume who only started playing the game beginning of the year. Congrats Sarah!!!

For the main course event we went with the format of scoring that allowed players to play each hole up to a maximum of 3 over par.  Our winner had to be deterrmined with a count back and just pipping Julie De Vos  for this one was Jill Morgan on 13 ppoints for the 9-holes. Congrats Jill!!!

A huge thank you to our volunteers Rowena and Tony who guided the women round the courses, giving top tips too. Thank you!

Welwyn Garden City GC on the 9th & 12th September using their Blue course - 10 women took part in total and great weather was on hand. A couple of women were brand new to the game and it was great to see those who were in the game for a little longer,  guide and encourage them to just enjoy and have fun. 

On the 9th September, Annabel Sweet took home the win with 14 challenges achieved and Avni  Lakhani won nearest the pin on the 5th hole. On the 12th, Fiona Hughes was our winner. Congratulations to those who took the leap and tried golf for the first time! 

A huge thank you to the member volunteers, Jill, Aly and Miriam who looked after, assisted with registration and being a guide for the women around the course.

Letchworth Golf Club on 8th August - 10 women took to the Academy course on what started as a pretty good weather day. We have since managed to get a sponsor of our events with SurprizeShop now getting on board to support women who want to start or come back to the game.  Each person who registers on event days will receive a goody bag from SurprizeShop. Groups started to tee off at 12noon and it didn't take long for the weather to turn against us with a huge downpour forcing all the players back in the clubhouse a little earlier than expected. But majority managed to get up to 10-holes in which was brilliant to see. Despite the weather, the scoring was top form with 3rd place going to Louis Walker, 2nd place to Cilla Vecqueray and in 1st place on an impressive 83% of challenges achieved, was Jill Morgan. We also got a Nearest the Pin which was an awesome shot to 3 steps away from the hole by Velma Burton. 

A massive thank you to our volunteers on the day - Sue, Caroline, Maureen and Tony. 

Chadwell Springs Family Golf Centre on 21st July - 6 women took part on what was an extremely hot day but as it was a week day, it was a great way to get away from the hectic times of life and just enjoy the scenery and venue on an afternoon. The scoring was excellent with everyone achieving more than 50% of the challenges. But our winner on the day was Deborah Godbold (her second win this season) with an impressive 83% of challenges achieved. 

Redbourn GC on 11th July - 15 women played  the challenging Par 3 course. The weather behaved itself again for us and it was laughs, cheers and smiles all the way round. Ladies from every corner of the county came over to attempt the challenge card and we even saw some birdies (1 under the par of the hole) being celebrated. In the end we had our top 3 and in 3rd on 72% of challenges achieved was Christina Smith. We had two scores of 78% and therefore a countback had to be done, so in second it was Diane Preston who was pipped to the post by her fellow Hadley Wood compatriot Julie De Vos. 

A massive thank you to our volunteers, Bernie, Linda, Paula, Sheryl and Tony for making the day what it was, FUN and relaxed. 

Chesfield Downs on Sunday 20th June - 8 women took to the Lannocks course. To see new faces (even all the way from Bedfordshire) come along to have a go, was brilliant. A huge thank you to Tony for volunteering and guiding one of the groups around the course with some top tips and making sure it was just all about FUN!

Our runners up on the day with 56% of challenges achieved were Karen McDonald and Maria Linskey. On an incredible 72% of challenges achieved was newbie to golf, Jess Wager. CONGRATULATIONS to you all for some awesome shots out there. 

Welwyn Garden City GC on the 8th & 12th June using their Blue course - 12 women took part in total and great weather was on hand. A couple of women were brand new to the game and it was great to see those who were in the game for a little longer,  guide and encourage them to just enjoy and have fun. A huge thank you to the members and staff of Welwyn who looked after and assisted with registration and being a guide for the women around the course.

Kate Anderson took home the win on 8th June with 67% challenges achieved while Deborah Godbold achieved 56% of challenges to claim victory on 12th June! Congratulations also to Ravi who scored her first ever Birdie during the events. 

Batchworth Park 9 of Herts on 27th May -  Although avery small field of only 4 women playing, a brilliant time was had in the sunshine. Special mention to Liz Beaumont who only started learning the sport a month ago and braved her first on course experience with us. Some great shots were played, some laughs were had and then a well deserved cool drink after play on the terrace enjoying the afternoon sunshine. 

It was Pippa Alexander who came in with the wining score of 63% challenges accomplished. Well Done to you all and looking forward to the next event in June!



About the project -  Fit Fed & Read school holiday activity programmes operate across Hertfordshire during the school Easter and summer holidays.  

“A high-quality holiday activity programme ‐ including support with literacy ‐ in Hertfordshire’s most disadvantaged neighbourhoods, with a nutritious meal every day, free of charge.” For those aged between 8-11 years and eligible for free school meals. 

Each four-hour day consists of:

Two hours of physical activity
One hour of fun education
One hour of two-course nutritious cooked lunch

Easter 2021 locations where Hertfordshire Golf will be 

Bedwell Primary School, Stevenage
Letchworth Rugby Club, Letchworth
Grovehill Adventure Playground, Hemel Hempstead
Sele School, Hertford
Cunningham Hill Infant School, St Albans
Greenfields School, South Oxhey
Central Primary School, Watford
Peartree Primary School, Welwyn Garden City

Our plan through this programme is to offer opoprtunities to those children who would like to get into the game at club level. We have been successful in receiving a PLUS grant from Golf Foundation to support this. We have also been given activity magazines by Golf Cubs for the children to take home and learn more about the game. 

There has been extensive evaluation of the programme delivery and the impact that it can have for the participants and their families.

Please CLICK HERE  for the Fit, Fed & Read Evaluation for the 2020 delivery

We would like to thank Herts Sports Partnership, Golf Foundation and Golf Cubs for all their support with this project. Heres to finding the next Super Star!




My partner, Mike, and I were competitive badminton players but as the years went on my knees started hurting so I knew that I was going to have to look for something else.  I’ve always been competitive so researched other sports that I could play, with Mike, particularly when we retired.  He had returned to golf joining Berkhamsted Golf Club which ran an Academy for women wanting to give golf a try, or return to it after time away.  It seemed a good opportunity to try the sport without making too much of a commitment so I joined in April 2014.  Initially I had one-to-one lessons with the Professional, John Clarke, and played in quiet times with Mike, becoming a fully paid-up member of the Academy a year later.

I loved it particularly the camaraderie among the women – the we’re all in this together so let’s make it fun attitude.  Although the group lessons had a serious purpose, teaching us how to play golf, we always had a laugh with John and I really enjoyed them.  We were buddied up with a member of the Ladies’ Section who would play maybe 6 or 9 holes with us initially building up to eighteen as we progressed.  As a group we went to Little Hay Golf Club and, with a friend, I sometimes played the Par 3 course at Redbourn.

The target was to achieve thirty-six handicap before being offered full membership of Berkhamsted which I attained at the end of July 2015.  Being in the Academy allowed me the time to develop my golf without any pressure and learn about the rules and etiquette of the game under the guidance of people who love the sport and wanted me to love it as well.  Through the Academy I’ve made life-long friends with us all celebrating each other’s achievements as though our own.  For any of you thinking age may be against you having a go, I was fifty-six when I took up golf – one of the things I love about the game is that you can start, and play, at any age.

When I became a full member, I was welcomed by the other members and, determined to fully integrate, I signed up for everything I could including medals, stablefords, friendly matches and all the trophy competitions in which I was eligible to play. 

Once my handicap dropped to thirty-one, I joined our Pearson squad which allowed my competitive streak to really develop in this sport that was new to me.  I love match play, playing at the different clubs involved in the Pearson Trophy and the spirit of friendship between the two teams during tea after the match.  I would say that my most fulfilling moment in golf to date was being part of the team that won the County Finals of the Pearson Trophy in 2018.  By 2019 my handicap had dropped to 16.

In my badminton days I’d been involved in organising matches and events helping out whenever a spare pair of hands was needed.  I really wanted to give something back to the Club so when I was asked to join the Ladies’ Committee a couple of years ago I didn’t hesitate and, as an Accountant, it seemed natural for me to take on the role of Honorary Treasurer, looking after the money!  I was asked by our incoming Lady Captain, Elvira McCrimmon, to be her Vice-Captain which I’ve proudly accepted.  Sadly, as with all Clubs, 2020 and early 2021 have been affected by Covid-19 but hopefully when we’re all allowed to get back to playing the fun of golf will start again.  In the meantime, I’m swinging in the garden!

For more information on the Academy at Berkhamsted Golf Club visit www.berkhamstedgolfclub.co.uk/interested_in_membership or email ben@berkhamstedgc.co.uk



We have had 4 events so far in 2020 despite the COVID-19 pandemic. A huge thank you to our host clubs who allowed our events to still carry on and to our volunteers who gave up their time to guide our beginners around the courses.

The events so far have seen  46 participants, 16 of which are totally new to the game since January.  Our winners have included these new players which is very exciting to see and be a part of. We look forward to seeing where their next golf adventure will take them. There has been talk of golf holidays already :-)

Saturday 8th August at Chesfield Downs Golf Club A small field of 6 ladies took part, but the fun and laughs were in abundance as always. There were some first timers who had only, just this year, been introduced to the game so to see them taking on the challenges of such an event was brilliant.  The ladies who have played before were on hand to offer advice and show our newbies how to achieve some of the etiquette challenges.  Winning the day was Jenny Gebka (first time on a course) with an incredible score of 72% with Jane Richfield (Mill Green) coming in close second with 68% of challenges achieved. 

Sunday 23rd August at Letchworth Golf Club This was an extra special day as it was also the last day of the AIG Ladies Open and Women in Golf Week. A week celebrating all ladies who are involved in the game from managers, greens staff to players and volunteers. Winning the day with 75% of challenges complete was Sue Foster. We had three players on 72% challenges complete and so a count-back was needed. In second was Janine Fox, third was Charlotte Edwards (first time ever on a golf course!) and in fourth was Deborah Godbold. Another great achievement on the day was a BIRDIE! Not something we see often at these events so celebrating was to be had. Nicki Montereo managed a 2 on the 1st hole of the academy course which is a great achievement. 

Sunday 27th September at South Herts Golf Club  During the round two ladies made gross BIRDIES! Congratulations Deborah Godbold and Pippa Alexander!!! We organised a lady scratch golfer to hit to the green and those who hit it closer to the pin than her, scored an extra bonus point which was added to their final score. Three ladies managed to do this and well done to Vanessa Edmonds,  Emma Kibble and Pippa Alexander. This was the Stella Frogley Memorial Trophy event and we had Stella's daughter, Vivien Burgess attend to see the ladies in action and hand the trophy to our 2020 winner. In third place was Deborah Godbold with 61% of the challenges complete. In second was June Donaldson on countback with 62% and winning the trophy this year was Sue Foster. 

Thursday 15th October at Chadwell Springs Family Golf Centre The day was slightly cooler than we were hoping for but the ladies braved the odd shower and cool breeze. The course was a great test of their skills with bunkers strategically placed but that helped with achieveing our "getting out of a bunker in one" challenge. Winning the day with an impressive 15 challenges completed was Maria Linskey and in second on 14 was Laura Hastings.

We have one event left on the 15th November 2020 at Redbourne Golf Club. To register please click HERE



We are working together with Golf Foundation and Herts Sports Partnership to introduce golf to over 150 children a day for 4 weeks. Starting the 27th July until the 20th August, children between the ages of 8-11 years across Hertfordshire will be introduced to golf.  

About the project
“A high-quality holiday activity programme ‐ including support with literacy ‐ in Hertfordshire’s most disadvantaged neighbourhoods, with a nutritious meal every day, free of charge.” Fit Fed & Read school holiday activity programmes operate across Hertfordshire during the summer holidays. 

Each four-hour day consists of:  Two hours of physical activity / One hour of fun education / One hour of two-course nutritious cooked lunch

Fun Education: Healthy Eating and Nutrition (games based) (Hertfordshire Catering Ltd)

Creative Literacy (Hertfordshire Libraries)
Fire and Community Safety (Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service)

Lunch: Two-course nutritious hot lunch (Hertfordshire Catering Ltd)

There has been extensive evaluation of the programme delivery and the impact that it can have for the participants and their families. The most recent evaluation document can be found  here .


On Wednesday the 22nd July we organised a webinar to introduce Golf Access and Golf Cubs to the county.  The webinar was open to anyone to attend and learn more about how to retain junior and adult beginners to the game.  Two brilliant resources to keep everyone engaged, even when they not at the golf club. 

To watch the three presentations and learn more, click HERE 


On the 13th January we began our sessions at Chesfield Downs Golf Club for those who have survived a stroke and those who have been diagnosed with Parkinsons. We have had 5 weeks of activity and the progression and feedback has been amazing. We see 14 regular participants weekly and looking to start a third session come the spring. 

If you or anyone you know are interested in being involved, please contact Esther cdo@hertfordshiregolf.org or 07496 653 056


We held 6 FUN Topgolf events from November 2019 through till February 2020. Over these events we saw 15 people take part, keeping their swings going through the cold months and have loads of laughs, hot chocolates and form new friendships. Throughout the series of events there were soem great scores with the best being kept till last when Laura Hastings scored 131 and was top scorer for the entire day at Topgolf. Awesome score and play Laura!

We kept track of each persons scores for the order of merit and in the end we had our winner with an average of 122 points scored, Aron Hussein. A huge congratulations!  

Thank you to Topgolf for hosting these events and looking after us and a huge thank you also to those who took part and made it so much fun. Here's to a great summer ahead and see you next winter!


These events are set up to accomplish laughs, fun, and new friendships through the colder winter months when courses are battling with the weather. Keep that golf swing in check by getting together with some friends, enjoying the atmosphere and just have some FUN!

If you are interested in getting involved, email Esther cdo@hertfordshiregolf.org OR call 07496 653 056



On Sunday 27th October we held our final Women on Par event which saw 21 ladies take to the Par 3 Kinsbourne course at Redbourn GC for some fun challenges and meeting new friends. You couldn't hope for a better weather day with the sun shining and hardly any wind. The course was playing brilliantly for the event and the ladies loved the challenge of some of the much longer holes. 

We had volunteers from the club guide our players around the course, giving some top tips and advice on basic rules and etiquette and even some swing thoughts which proved successful which the players really appreciated. 

This event was slightly different as the winner receives a trophy presented by the late Stella Frogley's daughters, Vivienne and Carole, as well as a prize. After seeing some great scores come in it was Vanessa Edmonds who plays out of the Ashridge Academy, who came in with 83% of the challenges complete! In a close second was June Donaldson who plays out of the Berkhamsted Academy with 78% and in third was Jess Everall who plays out of the Mid Herts Academy with a 68% of challenges complete. 

We also had a Nearest the Pin which Vanessa Edmonds won with a great shot on the 9th Hole and a Longest Drive which was a superb shot down the middle of the fairway by Pippa Alexander who plays out of the Ashridge Academy. 

We also did a fun Guess How Many Tees in the Jar competition after play which saw £25.00 raised for the lady Captains charity, Happy Days and the winner with a guess of 165 was Cilla Vecqueray! There were 160 tees in the jar. 

A massive thank you to all the staff and volunteers at Redbourn for looking after us and a massive CONGRATULATIONS to all those who took part on the day!

Heres to a new season of 2020! 



On Monday 14th October we held our taster session for those who have been diagnosed with Parkinsons around the county. It was great to see some really excited people coming to give golf a go. Research shows that exercise can slow the progression of a persons symptoms and can be as important as medication to help them take control. This is why the project was set up and why we feel it has the most incredible health and lifestyle benefits.  

A 12 week program has been set up for this group with the help of Hertfordshire Golf and England Golf and we look forward to seeing the participants progress into more confident and healthier people. 

We are looking to keep this activity a regular weekly session but are in need of financial support. If you, or anyone you know, can help by donating to this programme, please contact Esther on cdo@hertfordshiregolf.org or call 07496 653 056.


On Monday 30th September we held a taster session at Topgolf Watford for people who have suffered a stroke as the health benefits have proven a huge success around the country.  This project was put in motion after the Development Group met with Topgolf and really wanted to do something in the community that was going to make a difference. On the day we saw 9 people take part and what a brilliant morning it was! Two hours of learning, fun and meeting a whole new group of friends.

We have set up a 6 week block of sessions, from the 7th October till the 11th November, so the fun does not end here. With another 6 week block funded by England Golf to see the project through till the middle of February 2020. People who once thought they were limited to certain movements will experience a whole new world of movement and fun!

We are looking to keep this activity a regular weekly session but are in need of financial support. If you, or anyone you know, can help by donating to this programme, please contact Esther on cdo@hertfordshiregolf.org or call 07496 653 056.


The Hertfordshire County Sports Partnership runs a brilliant initiative called Fit, Fed and Read. This is a high-quality holiday activity programme ‐ including support with literacy ‐ in Hertfordshire’s most disadvantaged neighbourhoods, with a nutritious meal every day, free of charge.

 Fit Fed & Read school holiday activity programmes operate out of Fire Stations across Hertfordshire during the school Easter and Summer holidays. Meals are supplied by Hertfordshire Catering LTD.  Aimed at children between the ages of 7-12, the programme aims to introduce them to activity, learning and socialising. 

Hertfordshire Golf, Chesfield Downs and Topgolf got involved in three sessions in August which all proved hugely successful. The children have been offered scholarships or follow on courses after the tasters during the holidays.  We saw 20 children take part and some great potential for possible future Hertfordshire stars!

For more information please clic HERE to see how the programme works and what the benefits are for the youth of today.