Hertfordshire Golf

Men's County Championship 2022 (KO)

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Joss Gosling vs Max Hopkins wins 2&1

Semi Finals

  • Joss Gosling won 19th hole vs Zach Little
  • Max Hopkins won 1 up vs George Leversuch

Quarter Final Results

  • Little wins 2 up vs Scott
  • Gosling wins 5&3 vs Keyser
  • Hopkins wins 4&3 vs Jansen
  • Leversuch wins 1 up vs Caney

Round of 16 Results

  • Little wins 2&1
  • Scott wins 7&5 
  • Gosling wins 1 up
  • Keyser wins 1 up
  • Hopkins wins 7&5
  • Jansen wins 3&2
  • Leversuch wins 1 up
  • Caney wins 2&1

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1st Round
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Quarter Final
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To be played on Sun 29th May  
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To be played on Sun 29th May  
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Zach Little  2&1                                                                                                    
Zach Little  2 Holes                                                                           
David Jackson                                                                            
 Zach Little                                                   
George Scott  7&5                                                  
George Scott                                                   
James Baxter                                                    
  Joss Gosling                          
Jamie Plews                           
Joss Gosling  5&3                         
Joss Gosling  1 Hole                         
 Joss Gosling 19th                         
Daniel Keyser  1 Hole                          
Daniel Keyser                           
Warren Clarke                            
   Max Hopkins
Max Hopkins  7&5   
Max Hopkins  4&3  
Michael Kyriacou   
 Max Hopkins  1 Hole 
Luke Jansen  3&2 
Luke Jansen  
George Williams   
  Max Hopkins  2&1 
Connor O'Brien    
George Leversuch  1 Hole  
George Leversuch  1 Hole  
 George Leversuch   
Sam Caney  2&1   
Sam Caney    
Luke Colgate     

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