Brief Summary

The County Card offers discounted green fees at more than 1,300 participating golf clubs across the country to men and women who are members of a club affiliated to Hertfordshire Golf. There is no fee for the use of the County Card, it is a benefit of affiliation to the County.

The cardholder is entitled to receive reduced green fees at host participating clubs. The discount rate may vary from club to club, but normally you are charged the members guest green fee when playing at participating courses. 

To see a full list of the participating Clubs please click here to visit the BB&O County website who administer the scheme nationally. 

For additional Norfolk clubs on the scheme please click here to view.

Please note that the only English County not involved with the scheme is Suffolk. 

How to Obtain

The County Card can now only be obtained via the igcounty App, which can be downloaded via the menu link to the right of this page if using a laptop or desktop, or the bottom of the page if using a smartphone. The App works on both Apple and Android devices.

The App also offers a host of other features, including news, upcoming and past competitions, contact details and County contact details.

If your App does not automatically update your card, please refresh the App on your phone (see instructions on the side bar on the right of this page). The App once updated, will show an expiration date of 31st March 2024.


The Card MUST be produced as proof of identity BY EACH PLAYER to obtain this concession. Cardholders may generally play at least once per year at any of the Host Clubs on the list (some clubs may allow more than one visit). Restrictions on time and day of the week may apply. The Card may generally only be used for groups of up to 4 players, and not be used in connection with larger groups or societies.