The County Secretary for Hertfordshire Golf is the delegated  'Area Authority' for Handicapping in Hertfordshire for all affiliated golf clubs and their members. 

The Area Authority acts under the overall authority of the Council of National Golf Unions (CONGU), whose role is to 'monitor, maintain and develop the Unified Handicapping System' (UHS). 

The UHS is the handicapping system currently used by all affiliated bodies in the UK and Ireland and its  purpose is 'to enable golfers of differing abilities, men and women alike, to compete on a fair and equitable basis. 

The Worldwide Handicapping System (WHS) will come into operation in the UK and Ireland on November 2nd 2020.  To that end Hertfordshire Golf ran 4 seminar events for Clubs across the month of January 2020. 

For any handicap enquiries please contact the County Secretary via email on 

Useful links; 

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