Q1.I do not know my Member ID (CDH) number

A1. If your home club uses Intelligent Golf then you will be able to find your Member ID (CDH) number in the IGMember App or on the website via the MY Golf section. Other member websites may well hold that information in your player record. Otherwise contact your Club Secretary/Manager or Handicap Sectretary, who will be able to supply you with this information.

Q2. The County Card on my app is showing as expired

A2. Refresh the app on your device, a valid card with a new expiry date will now appear.

Q3. When I try to download my County Card the app says that it cannot find my home club.

A3. Contact us at  secretary@hertfordshiregolf.org

Q4. Still having problems?

A4. Contact us at secretary@hertfordshiregolf.org