Hertfordshire Golf

Men's Seniors Championship 2022 (Age 55+)

Monday 1st August 2022 - Tuesday 2nd August 2022
White Tees, Knebworth Golf Club

Mark Gershinson wins sudden death play off over David Lang on the 5th extra hole

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Gross Leaderboard switchR1R2TotalPar
1st Mark Gershinson Hartsbourne Country Club (1)7273145+3
2nd David Lang Hanbury Manor Golf Club (-2)7174145+3
3rd Paul Nancarrow Old Fold Manor (1)7373146+4
4th Tyrone Carter Hanbury Manor Golf Club (2)7572147+5
5th David Gibson Knebworth (0)7374147+5
6th John Ambridge Moor Park (-2)7374147+5
7th Iain Simpson Brookmans Park (3)7474148+6
8th Russell Conway-Lye Letchworth (-1)7474148+6
9th Steve Reeves Knebworth (7)7376149+7
10th Mark Williams Knebworth (3)7277149+7
11th Lewis Watcham Harpenden Common (3)7179150+8
12th Tony Grover Harpenden Common (3)7774151+9
13th Matthew Cohen South Herts (3)7675151+9
14th Shaz Khan Moor Park (2)7576151+9
15th Mike Smyth Knebworth (5)7477151+9
16th Paul Hosking Centurion Club (2)7775152+10
17th Benny Higham Aldenham (4)7577152+10
18th Michael Charles Sandy Lodge Golf Club (1)7875153+11
19th Ian Holloran Knebworth (3)7776153+11
20th Ian Foster Bishops Stortford (3)7479153+11
21st Simon Kay Ashridge (1)7182153+11
22nd Gordon Stewart Berkhamsted (2)7876154+12
23rd Tom Kilbey South Herts (4)7876154+12
24th Martin Witchard Centurion Club (2)7778155+13
25th Simon Shepherd Hadley Wood (6)7481155+13
26th stephen arnold Verulam (8)7682158+16
27th Mark Saban Mid Herts Golf Club (6)7980159+17
28th Colin Hardman South Herts (7)7980159+17
29th Dominic Ronan West Herts (5)7980159+17
30th Ian Roche Rickmansworth (4)7981160+18
31st Martin Crisp The Melbourne Club (6)7783160+18
32nd Paul Barnham The Melbourne Club (6)7883161+19
33rd Graham Williams The Melbourne Club (4)7691167+25
34th Michael McDonnell South Herts (5)7989168+26
35th Stephen Clarke Verulam (3)78NR  
36th Ken Whitton Ashridge (2)8080+9
37th Ken O'Keeffe Old Fold Manor (7)8080+9
38th Simon Tansley Essendon Country Club (6)8080+9
39th Neil Black Hartsbourne Country Club (6)8181+10
40th Nicholas OByrne Moor Park (5)8181+10
41st David Scammell Sandy Lodge Golf Club (3)8181+10
42nd Keith Hall Welwyn Garden City (9)8181+10
43rd John Sanders Rickmansworth (0)8181+10
44th Nick Davis Old Fold Manor (2)8181+10
45th Stephen Dawson Brickendon Grange (1)8282+11
46th George Ashworth Verulam (5)8282+11
47th Edward Lintott Mid Herts Golf Club (6)8282+11
48th Kevin Ratcliffe Berkhamsted (2)8282+11
49th Peter Crawford Arkley Golf Club (8)8383+12
50th MARK HIGHFIELD Moor Park (6)8383+12
51st Mark Walton Brookmans Park (7)8383+12
52nd David Rhodes Mid Herts Golf Club (3)8383+12
53rd Andrew Stapleton Brickendon Grange (7)8383+12
54th Philip Mitchelmore Bishops Stortford (7)8383+12
55th Tim O'Donovan Verulam (7)8484+13
56th Neil Jackson Brickendon Grange (4)8484+13
57th Peter York Berkhamsted (0)8484+13
58th Nicholas Lines Ashridge (6)8484+13
59th Philip Nye Knebworth (4)8484+13
60th Kelvin Archer Berkhamsted (5)8484+13
61st Tony McGuigan Sandy Lodge Golf Club (6)8585+14
62nd Andrew Sheehan Knebworth (6)8585+14
63rd Martin McKenna Letchworth (4)8686+15
64th Steve Garwood Mill Green (6)8787+16
65th Nick Goode Mid Herts Golf Club (11)8787+16
66th Paul Field Hadley Wood (9)8888+17
67th Tim Evans-Jones The Shire London (9)8888+17
68th Keith French West Herts (9)8989+18
69th Colin Hinton Letchworth (10)9191+20
70th Ian Blackman South Herts (3)77WD  
71st Andrew Goode The Melbourne Club (3)WD  

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