Hertfordshire Golf

Men's Mid Age Championship 2018

Wednesday 27th June 2018, White Tees, Hanbury Manor

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Gross Leaderboard switchR1 CSS 75R2 CSS 75TotalPar
1st Phil Dormer Letchworth Golf Club (-2)7170141-3
2nd James Surridge Centurion Golf Club (-2)7470144LEVEL
3rd Tony Wilkins Harpenden Common Golf Club (-2)7575150+6
4th Gordon Forster Harpenden Common Golf Club (0)7477151+7
5th Alex Collman Harpenden Common Golf Club (-1)7577152+8
6th Chris Dixon Hadley Wood Golf Club (2)7975154+10
7th Paul Mcavoy Harpenden Common Golf Club (0)7976155+11
8th Paul Marshall Berkhamsted Golf Club (2)7580155+11
9th Scott Wright Cheshunt Park Golf Club (4)8076156+12
10th Russell Conway-Lye Letchworth Golf Club (1)7780157+13
11th Andrew Collie Welwyn Garden City Golf Club (2)7683159+15
12th Peter Rutter Royston Golf Club (1)8279161+17
13th JUSTIN SAUNDERS Porters Park Golf Club (3)8279161+17
14th Ken Whitton Ashridge Golf Club (4)8180161+17
15th Jamie WISE Harpenden Golf Club (5)8082162+18
16th Nick Davis Old Fold Manor Golf Club (3)7884162+18
17th Kevin Hurley Harpenden Common Golf Club (3)8281163+19
18th Andrew Hardie Bishops Stortford Golf Club (6)7786163+19
19th Richard Cliffe Berkhamsted Golf Club (2)8282164+20
20th adrian rodgers The Shire London Golf Club (8)8282164+20
21st Stuart Ashby Mill Green Golf Club (5)8183164+20
22nd Kenneth Hayes East Herts Golf Club (7)7688164+20
23rd Martin Streets Harpenden Common Golf Club (5)8679165+21
24th Alex Turner Harpenden Common Golf Club (1)8382165+21
25th Ewen Wilson Porters Park Golf Club (1)8283165+21
26th James Storey Hadley Wood Golf Club (6)8581166+22
27th Mark Lewis East Herts Golf Club (5)8482166+22
28th David Watson Rickmansworth Golf Club (6)8681167+23
29th Gary Higgins Brookmans Park Golf Club (6)8681167+23
30th Mat Larman Stevenage Golf Club (4)8781168+24
31st Jason Court Sandy Lodge Golf Club (2)8088168+24
32nd Isaac Maginn Ashridge Golf Club (4)8980169+25
33rd Pat Smith The Shire London Golf Club (5)8485169+25
34th Martin Shillitto Berkhamsted Golf Club (6)8386169+25
35th Paul Jones Cheshunt Park Golf Club (4)8981170+26
36th Keith Cunnington Sandy Lodge Golf Club (4)8486170+26
37th Steven Rogers Royston Golf Club (7)9181172+28
38th Jake Warren The Shire London Golf Club (8)8785172+28
39th Steve Anstey Brookmans Park Golf Club (5)8290172+28
40th Steve Fownes Verulam Golf Club (6)9083173+29
41st Tim Evans-Jones The Shire London Golf Club (7)8687173+29
42nd Ryan Thorne Cheshunt Park Golf Club (7)8588173+29
43rd Tony Ho Harpenden Common Golf Club (8)8390173+29
44th Lee Rogers Royston Golf Club (4)8192173+29
45th Stuart Leigh Brookmans Park Golf Club (8)9086176+32
46th Richard Power Essendon Country Club (7)9186177+33
47th Leon Stewart The Shire London Golf Club (11)8791178+34
48th Robert White Hadley Wood Golf Club (7)8791178+34
49th James Eldridge Hadley Wood Golf Club (6)8593178+34
50th Andy Anastasiou Essendon Country Club (8)9289181+37
51st Robbie Pritchett Hadley Wood Golf Club (6)9094184+40
52nd Peter Sales Brookmans Park Golf Club (9)9392185+41
53rd Ian Murray Hall Berkhamsted Golf Club (11)9497191+47
54th Ray Walkom Essendon Country Club (9)9697193+49
55th Steve Huxley Brookmans Park Golf Club (7)95101196+52
56th Grant Chamberlain Berkhamsted Golf Club (9)10598203+59
57th Paul Field Hadley Wood Golf Club (7)91NR  
58th Richard Bowman Cheshunt Park Golf Club (8)88NR  
59th Gary Wing Chesfield Downs Golf Club (1)83NR  
60th Christopher Neal Old Fold Manor Golf Club (3)NRNR  
61st Gary Mangham East Herts Golf Club (6)85NR  
62nd Michael Charles Sandy Lodge Golf Club (4)81WD  
63rd Darryl Thrush Essendon Country Club (8)94WD  

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