Hertfordshire Golf

Men's County Championship 2018 Strokeplay

Friday 25th May 2018, White Tees, Old Fold Manor

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Gross LeaderboardR1 CSS 72R2 CSS 72TotalPar
1st Tony Wilkins Harpenden Common Golf Club 7067137-5
2nd Rob Watkins Hadley Wood Golf Club 7367140-2
3rd Laurie Owen Letchworth Golf Club 7269141-1
4th Niall Johnston Letchworth Golf Club 7270142LEVEL
4th Alex Macarthur Letchworth Golf Club 7171142LEVEL
4th Jon Hopkins Bishops Stortford Golf Club 7072142LEVEL
7th Matt Smith Chesfield Downs Golf Club 7469143+1
7th Benjamin Harman Letchworth Golf Club 7370143+1
7th Phil Dormer Letchworth Golf Club 7271143+1
7th Charlie Wilkinson Hadley Wood Golf Club 7073143+1
11th Luke Colgate Berkhamsted Golf Club 7272144+2
11th Spencer Davis Old Fold Manor Golf Club 7173144+2
11th James Surridge Centurion Golf Club 7074144+2
14th George Williams Knebworth Golf Club 7273145+3
15th Jason Mitchell Porters Park Golf Club 7373146+4
16th Ed Green Moor Park Golf Club 7770147+5
16th Tomasz Boniek South Herts Golf Club 7374147+5
16th Jack Slater Letchworth Golf Club 7176147+5
16th Stanley Lewis Ashridge Golf Club 7176147+5
16th Stuart Patrick Sandy Lodge Golf Club 6978147+5
21st Ewen Wilson Porters Park Golf Club 7771148+6
21st Joe Gash Mill Green Golf Club 7573148+6
21st Jack Bigham Harpenden Golf Club 7474148+6
21st Thomas Porter Hadley Wood Golf Club 7474148+6
21st Greg Hurley Hertfordshire (The) Golf Club 7474148+6
21st Nicholas Davis Old Fold Manor Golf Club 7375148+6
21st Charlie Rudge South Herts Golf Club 7078148+6
28th Connor O'Brien Mid Herts Golf Club 7772149+7
28th Paul Mcavoy Harpenden Common Golf Club 7673149+7
28th James Crabb Chesfield Downs Golf Club 7574149+7
28th Adam Tridgell Mill Green Golf Club 7376149+7
28th Alex Collman Harpenden Common Golf Club 7376149+7
28th Simon Irwin Verulam Golf Club 7376149+7
34th Oliver Bance Royston Golf Club 7872150+8
34th Russell Conway-Lye Letchworth Golf Club 7476150+8
34th Casey Blunsum Cheshunt Park Golf Club 7476150+8
34th Jared Tyacke West Herts Golf Club 7278150+8
38th David Dobinson Verulam Golf Club 7873151+9
38th Oliver Sisman Knebworth Golf Club 7774151+9
40th Chris Dixon Hadley Wood Golf Club 7775152+10
40th Jack Kelly Sandy Lodge Golf Club 7775152+10
40th Sean Kelly West Herts Golf Club 7676152+10
43rd Jason Kirby Porters Park Golf Club 8173154+12
43rd Owen Benson Moor Park Golf Club 7678154+12
43rd James Thomson Brickendon Grange Golf Club 7579154+12
43rd Jerome Foster The Shire London Golf Club 7579154+12
43rd Iain Simpson Brookmans Park Golf Club 7579154+12
48th George SCOTT Harpenden Golf Club 7976155+13
48th Alex Pratten Essendon Country Club 7679155+13
48th Noah Hume Mill Green Golf Club 7679155+13
48th Samuel Caney Hadley Wood Golf Club 7679155+13
52nd James Kee Moor Park Golf Club 7878156+14
52nd Matthew Baxter Centurion Golf Club 7779156+14
52nd Jamie Slade South Herts Golf Club 7680156+14
55th Jordan Shepherd Brickendon Grange Golf Club 8077157+15
55th Daniel Stannard Cheshunt Park Golf Club 8077157+15
55th Nick Davis Old Fold Manor Golf Club 7780157+15
58th Sam MCLOUGHLIN Brickendon Grange Golf Club 8078158+16
59th Andy Orr The Shire London Golf Club 7980159+17
60th Jack Foster Ashridge 8575160+18
60th Rauri Galashan West Herts Golf Club 8278160+18
62nd Joe Fenton Mill Green Golf Club 7883161+19
63rd Alex Berg-Capin Sandy Lodge Golf Club 8083163+21
64th Alex Turner Harpenden Common Golf Club 8383166+24
65th David Hewlett Brickendon Grange Golf Club 8483167+25
66th Ian Harpur Welwyn Garden City Golf Club 8585170+28

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